The 9 Most Popular Advertising Agencies To Work For In Kenya


[no_toc]It’s no secret that the advertising landscape has changed a lot in Kenya. In recent years, we have seen creative adverts that have become a household name.

Take Zark or Airtel Tubonge adverts, you’ll think that they came out of the thin air. What you may not know is that there are companies responsible for making these adverts go viral.

These companies know the ins and outs of commercial adverts in Kenya. In 2017 alone, the total advertising budgets shoot up by $2.1b in a single year.

What does this mean for you and me? It means that the advertising scene in Kenya is growing and there is great potential in these companies to pay you more money if you can pull out the best ideas possible.

If you want to work with an advertising company in Kenya, here is a list of the best advertising company in Kenya plus the viral well-known commercial adverts that they have done.

Ogilvy and Mather Africa

Ogilvy is a commercial advertising agency operating in 27 sub-Saharan countries. Ogilvy has worked with big brands in Kenya including Safaricom and Kenyan Government. Most importantly, the agency has received numerous awards ranging from MSK( Marketing Society of Kenya awards to Apa awards).

Ogilvy is the leading marketing agency in the country. It is behind the creation of some of the most famous adverts in the country such as Airtel Tubonge, Dura Coats, Future is Kenya, Coca-Cola Ads (billion reasons to live). Ogilvy is always looking for great talents.


Scangroup has won 6 awards and operates in 5 countries, Kenya is one of them. If you’ve seen the KCB Simba loyalty program that encourages customers to earn points when they save and bank with KCB. Scangroup is responsible for that viral ad creation. Scangroup is working with other companies such as NIC, Tusker for the Tusker Jenga Game Promotion.

Creative prides itself in offering a 360 marketing service under one roof. In other words, the company offers their customers everything from publishing, brand identity, web and digital marketing to traditional advertising.

Last year, Creative Year won Apa awards, Cannons Lewis and APA awards for 2016. Like Ogilvy and Scanad, creative yr has created formidable ads such as EABL drink responsibly ad, crown paints, and Broadway bakery.

Bean Interactive

Bean Interactive takes a strategic human-centered approach to craft advertisements that resonate and appeal to customers. Working with them equips you with skills on how to do niche market analysis before launching an advertising campaign. Most of their services are geared towards digital advertising. Bean Interactive is the brainchild behind Cadbury Kenya and Zuku Home fiber ads.

Trinc Media

Trinc Media is another company to work for. It has a presence in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Working for Trinc Media equips you with innovative solutions and skills to scale your advertising and making sure that your competitor has a competitive edge.

Squad Digital

Want to create ideas that excel and spread like wildfire? Squad digital is the right place to work. In 2015, we all woke up with a curious case of Wheelchair Zack. The man who raised money for his spinal cord treatment. The adverts went viral and became a household name. What you may not know is that Squad digital is responsible for these ads. With numerous awards from MSK(Marketing Society Kenya), Lorrien, African Crystal, Soma awards, Squad digital is the right place to further your career.

Transcend Media Group (TMG)

Transcend Media Group pride itself as a home to dreamers and believers in the market. With a global reach in Eastern Africa, TMG has been in the league for the creation of viral ads in the country.

If you have been watching your television for a while, you’ve come across Trust Condom Kuwa True. You have also seen the Pambazuka National Lottery on your television inciting you to participate in the big draw, right? What you may not know is that TMG was responsible for those ad creations.

TMG offers originality and passion when it comes to creating viral ads that glue people on the television. It does everything from brand identity, packaging, advertising, media strategy, planning and buying, public relation, events, and experiential analysis.

It has won awards such MSK awards in 2016, 2014 and 2012. Some of the biggest clients TMG has worked with include, Nation Media Group, South Africa Airline, MNet Maisha Magic, Communication Authority of Kenya and Consolidated Banks.

Dotsavvy Africa

Dotsavvy Africa is Kenya’s first digital business agency that integrates digital marketing solutions to business. Dotsavvy Africa started as a website design agency before venturing into digital marketing. It has worked with Safaricom, Kenya’s first and biggest mobile telecom.

What separates Dotsavvy Africa from all other marketing agencies is they do everything. If you want a mobile app created, they have teams that will do everything from product design to programming.

In fact, they have created some of the most beautiful design for big companies like iWay Africa, Higher Educations Loans Board, Marketing Society Of Kenya and Resolution Insurance. Dotsavvy Africa is a great place to grow and nurture your talents as a developer or a designer.

Top Image Africa

If there is one woman pulling strings that have never been pulled before in the World of advertising is Jennifer Barrasa. She left a lucrative job to build one of East Africa BTL marketing agency.

Reading her amazing stories will inspire you to work for her company. She has worked for clients like Coca-Cola, Safaricom, Ketepa, IEBC, Google Kenya and Orange. Top Image Africa offers a plethora of opportunities in career growth and development.

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There are dozens of advertising companies in Kenya. The outstanding work these companies have done for Kenyan Companies can’t go unnoticed. Companies that are looking for marketing growth and expansions go to these 9 companies when they want to see the results of their work.

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