14 Coolest Coworking Spaces for Freelancers in Nairobi, Kenya


Let’s face it: Working as a freelancer at home is not that easy. There are lots of things that compete for your attention every moment now and then.

Working at home may have its advantage compared to having a job. But you and I know that it is not going to work well without serious discipline on our part, especially when you have to leave work to attend to a family obligation.

That said, Kenya has moved forward to create spacious coworking spaces for serious men and women who want to give their freelance business a professional outlook.

Most importantly, coolest coworking spaces meant to enhance and boost their productivity. Nairobi being the vibrant hub of these places am sure other towns that with lots of freelancers like Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru will follow suit.

If this is the first time, you’re probably wondering why to rent another space, or why to pay double rent when you can work in Java or in a nice hotel.

Why Pay More For Your Own Coworking Space

You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success — or are they holding you back? — W. Clement Stone

That was the first question I asked myself. Why pay more for a space? Working at home comes with serious challenges that escape our attention and affect our productivity.

To succeed in freelancing you need two things. You need discipline and habit. Without discipline, you won’t be able to work or even find clients. Most importantly, you need a routine that you can follow every day.

When working at home, chances of you watching a movie and spending time on social media is high. That’s happened because you have no one to monitor you or you are bored.

When you put yourself in an environment where you are working with other like-minded freelancers, you become more productive, which motivates you to be successful.

This lowers the chances of you surfing movies and procrastinating leaving you to focus only on high priority tasks.

Networking with other freelancers offers endless opportunity for beginning freelancers. You can learn about several skills that are essential for your success like marketing and accounting.

Now that you know the main reasons why coworking rocks, let’s look at the 14 coolest places in Nairobi.

The 14 Coolest Coworking Spaces in Nairobi

1. The Mint Hub

Located in the heart of Westland, The Mint Hub, a company started by three young women, offers an endless coworking space from seasoned to veteran freelancers. The Mint Hub offers virtual office spaces, hot desk plans, club membership, video conferencing and meeting rooms, lots of coffee and tea for freelancers.

Renting a space at Mint hub starts at $15 day to $1200 for a private office. What really sets the Mint Hub apart from other coworking space is that they offer a dedicated postal address, receptionist, office messengers, and meeting rooms. Besides, they offer dedicated networking opportunities for their members

If you apply to take on their monthly packages, you can enjoy all that. When it comes to the internet connection, The Mint Hub has three service providers, Safaricom, Simbanet and JT. With a speed of 75mbps, you have the fastest internet connection around.

2. The Nairobi Garage

Unlike Mint Hub that is a located in a central location, The Nairobi garage offers two coworking locations. You are free to work in Westland or Ngong road. The Nairobi garage is a big spacious space and it comes with a strong internet speed connection of 100mbps. The Nairobi garage happens to be the only place with a high-speed fiber optic internet.

If you do lots of production, programming or need a strong internet connection for your work, The Nairobi garage won’t disappoint you. In the event of power outages, they have two 24 hours generators that switch on automatically. That means you will work uninterrupted with emergencies that need your attention.

3. iHub

This is an innovative space for developers, programmers, technologists, and designers. Writers can also use the space for their creative work. iHub started as an innovation and business incubation centers for computer geeks. The iHub coworking spaces offer virtual office, kitchenette, high-speed internet, product development, and business support.

The ihub also offers networking events for like-minded entrepreneurs every month. With ihub, you get the chance to meet with business founders and various technology startups in Nairobi.

Unlike other coworking spaces, iHub is a little bit more friendly in their package. In fact, it is the most affordable coworking space in Nairobi. The rates start at $2 for two hours, $70 per month to $1000 for a private office.

4. Nailab

Nailab prides itself as a business incubator for startup besides offering co-working spaces. The vibrant working and event spaces accommodate up to 100 people. Like the iHub, Nailab offers friendly rates that don’t hurt the pocket much

With as little as $7 per day, you can have a space and enjoy the strong internet connection. The monthly package at Nailab starts at $100 per month to $1000 per month for a private office. The Nailab coworking space is located in Bishop Magua Centre on Ngong Road.

5. The Entrepreneurs Hub

If the idea of having your own office feels like working in an office, then you’ll enjoy renting a space in entrepreneur hubs.

Entrepreneur hub is located in the leafy suburbs of Westland away from CBD. Unlike others that have a coworking space, the hub has a garden. Yes, you can work in the leafy manicured garden in the afternoon to boost your creativity.

The hub also comes with a library where you can read marketing and business books. They have a strong internet connection that reaches in every corner of the garden. The soothing serenity in the garden is something that will boost your creativity and productivity while you escape the afternoon fatigues.

Rates start at $9 for a day to $100 per month. With that rate, you have access to free coffees and teas. If you need lunch, you’ll pay only $2.

6. Regus

Regus is the new coworking space in town with over 3000 location Worldwide. Regus is the only coworking space located in the CBD. Keep in mind that most Coworking spaces in this list are located either Westland Or Ngong.

Regus will give you coworking space in any place that you want. If you need a space along Kenyatta or Moi Avenue, you can get it.

This will save you money in commuting to work. Regus comes with a plethora offers from business lounge, office space, virtual office, private office, and meeting room.

With all the options, you have access to coffee and tea when you need it. Regus coworking space is a bit expensive. Rates start at $100 for 4 hours to $200 for a monthly access.

7. Nexus Co-Work

The Nexus Co-working space is built for people and organizations that want a serene environment to innovate their ideas. Apart from co-working space, Nexus houses lots of events and networking functions for emerging freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Looking at the Nexus Co-working space, you will find a serene atmosphere that inspires creativity and productivity. With Nexus, you have access to unlimited coffee and tea, strong wifi and lunch. Rates start at $20 per day to $200 per month

8. The Twig Cowork

Like the Mint Hub, Twig Cowork is located in the heart of Westlands. The Twig was built to house creative professionals such as artists, writers, designers, developers and freelancers who need an awesome place to work.

The Twig offers various flexible memberships from month to month contracts to event that you can use to host up to 100 people. What you will love most of about the Twig workspaces is the community. In fact, the first time you’ll set foot in their office, you’ll feel the ambiance and vibe to work.

Although the Twig spaces are in a building, you’ll feel like you’re working in a garden with beautiful views of the city skyline. Rates start at $20 per day to $200 for those that need a monthly rate.

9. Workstyle

Workstyle is the newest Coworking space in town and it comes with everything that you’ll need in an office. You have access to a receptionist, office messengers, and your own postal address.

What sets Workstyle apart from other coworking space is that they provide audit, legal and consulting services at an affordable rate. You also have access to the chilling area where you can take a recess from your work.

At only 200mbps, Workstyle has the ultra-high speed internet to meet all your connection and video conferencing needs. Coworking rates at Workstyle start at $25 per day to $400 per month for a private office.

10. The Lyceum Limited

The Lyceum Limited is another high-end coworking space located at the heart of Westland. You have access to a beautiful view of the city skyline. Their monthly packages come with an in-house manager, executive customized office, free and unlimited WiFi.

What separates Lyceum limited from the rest of other coworking space is that it offers personalized telephone services for your business both local and international. That means you can make international calls to your clients free of charge both local and international. Lyceum monthly rates start at $300 per month for coworking space.

11. The Banda Space

This is a boutique space co-working space that’s way more affordable than other coworking space that I have listed.

Unlike the rest of other coworking spaces, The banda space offers co-living as a package for the digital nomad. In other words, you are free to live and stay there if you want. What struck me about the banda space from other co-working spaces is that they can customize your working area. Rates start as low as $5 to $400 for co-living.

12. Axlr8

The Axlr8 is a premier coworking space in Kilimani and offers amazing office spaces. It is equipped with high-speed mega fiber optic internet to meet all your connection needs.

The Axlr8 offers you an environment to enjoy complete anonymity with professional IT support services. Rates at Axlr8 starts at $75 to $200 per month for a virtual office.

13. Kijiji

Kijiji is a premier coworking space designed for people who want to make Nairobi a better place in the future. It is home to the Changemakers and provides space for work, peer to peer interaction and business programs aimed at helping freelancers achieve their dreams.

Kijiji was formed with one goal in mind: To offer vibrant spaces for the organization to hold events. Coworking came later to help freelancers find a nice place to connect and network.

In addition to offering co-working space, kijiji offers catering services, event conceptualization, Photography and videography services. Holding a half a day event at kijiji costs you around from $200 to $250 per month. Coworking space starts at $150 to $400 per month.

14. Ikigai

iKigai offers beautiful coworking spaces. Like entrepreneurs hub, iKigai has garden spaces that you can use to work. The garden is leafy and well-manicured to offer you a serene atmosphere that inspires your creativity to create wonderful projects for your clients.

What’s more, iKigai offers shared office spaces to connect and work with your peers. What separates iKigai from the rest of other coworking space is that it offers specialty coffee. In other words, you have barista-made coffee such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Aerospace and many more.

If you’re a coffee lover like me, this is the place that you can’t miss. Imagine having a cup of coffee in the garden with a strong wifi connection? Tempting, right, that’s what ikigai offers. Rates start at $100 to $200 per month for a coworking space.


Yes, these coworking spaces are cool. The best way to find out if they’ll work for you is to try them. Try them for a month and you’ll see how they will increase your productivity and creativity.

Most importantly, you’ll network with like-minded freelancers who will encourage and motivate you to grind. Freelancing is a lonely endeavour that if you don’t have the right friends you can lose hopes and even get discouraged.

Working and connecting with these like-minded people will boost your skills and improve your productivity.

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