The 7 Best & Most Marketable Courses in Kenya


In the world today, education has continued to be valued by everybody. Parents are investing heavily in educating their children for a good part of their lives. Technology advancement has contributed to increased demand for education all over the world. It becomes difficult to cope up with normal activities without basic education. Some of emerging technologies like owning a phone is no longer an option because it enhances communication.

Parents are investing heavily in educating their children for a good part of their lives. Technology advancement has contributed to increased demand for education all over the world. It becomes difficult to cope up with normal activities without basic education. Some of emerging technologies like owning a phone is no longer an option because it enhances communication.

But, why do we value education this much? Well, the answer depends on the current needs of our society. In the Kenyan market, Statistics shows that eight out of ten graduates in Kenya do not get employed for the right skills they learned in their undergraduate. This means that if they have to lose their current jobs, they will not use the experience earned to apply for the job that resonates with their skills, in other words, there will be no career growth. As much as education is important, it is good to exercise the skills you learned in school in your career to be able to grow with your career. It is therefore important to choose the most marketable courses in Kenya for you to succeed in life.

The demand for marketable courses in Kenya is rising each day making education ministry to revise the curriculum to satisfy the demand. Courses like Actuarial science, Real estate management have recently been introduced in the Kenyan universities curriculum due to increased demand of the skills in Kenyan market today. Below is a list of recommendable courses in Kenya.

List of the Most Marketable Courses in Kenya

With the current market trend in Kenya, it is important to choose the most marketable course that will guarantee you a good job that resonates with your acquired skills. This will not only give you peace of mind but also it will enable you to grow in your career.

1. Actuarial Science

Actuarial science course was introduced in Kenya less than a decade ago. It involves learning financial skills which include insurance management. It is the most marketable course in Kenya due to the growing population and increased demand for insurance products and increased need to save for retirement. This has been brought about by the intense campaign done by the Insurance regulatory authority (IRA) to educate the Kenyan citizen the importance of insurance policies.

A degree in Actuarial science will take the duration of four years of study. The course provides three categories, Double mathematics, Mathematics major and Mathematics minor with core units common for all categories. The course is offered in most universities in Kenya which includes Nairobi University which pioneered this course in Kenya.

You are likely to land well-paying jobs in Kenyan market with this certificate. Some of the companies are insurance companies, employee retirement benefit plans, and Pension Funds management plans. You are also likely to be employed by any company that has a pensionable plan for their employees like the banks.

2. Business Management/ Bachelor of Commerce

It is no doubt that bachelor of business management and a bachelor of commerce certificates are one of the most marketable courses in Kenya today. These two courses deal with business management in general. They have been and are still marketable not only in Kenya but globally. This is because the world of business is everywhere. Increased demand for effective skills for managing the business to increase profitability brings about demand in this course. There is no particular business whether big or small that does not need the skills of the business manager.

This course is provided by many middle-level colleges and universities in Kenya. They are available in a certificate, diploma, higher diploma, degree, and masters levels. This enables any person who passed O-level to have a share in this course. The course has many options to major in which includes, Human resources, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and many other options that are all applicable in the world of business.

The uses of this course are wide in the corporate world. Marketing, for example, is needed in every business. The companies are always recruiting for marketing personnel each day. You can rises in a career very fast with these courses. The best thing with this course is that you can apply the skills if you happen to start your own business.

3. Security Management

Security management is becoming one of the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya because of its demand. Due to the increased rate of cybersecurity especially in cases where important company data are hacked, security has been beefed up in many companies which led to a demand for security management courses in Kenya. It is until a few years that security courses were introduced in Kenyan university. The technology advancement has necessitated the need of companies to hire competent security personals to safeguard their businesses.

Security management is exclusively offered in Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justicewhich was the first institute to offer security management in Kenya. Other universities that have recently introduced security management course in their curriculum include, University of Nairobi, Mt Kenya University and Karatina University. The course involves both theoretical courses as well as practical courses which are examinable. The student gets a certificate after certifying the examiners with all the units provides with at least a credit in the overall results.

Security management skills are applicable in every business set-up both public and private companies. The need for a senior security officer is almost mandatory in every operating company. Due to increased demand for this course, the starting salary of a freshly graduated individual range from ksh50,000 to ksh100,000 depending on a company.

4. Accountancy

Accountancy remains to be one of the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya. It is arguably the most sought-after course in Kenya after the first undergraduate course. Many financial companies will require a basic knowledge of accountant packages to be enrolled. The demand for accountancy courses in Kenya will never decrease any soon because Kenya is a developing country with many emerging business opportunities. Every business with an aim of making a profit will require at least one accountant for their finances.

Accountant courses are exclusively offered at KCA University. Initially, KCA (Kenya College of Accountancy) was offering diploma and certificate courses, with increases demand KCA has upgraded to a chartered University offering degree certificates. The Accountant courses in Kenya are examined by one body called KASNEB (Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board). Other middle colleges which offer accountant courses include Zetech college, Nairobi Institute of business studies, Kenya Institute of studies and Nairobi Aviation college. The average fee per month is ksh 30,000 which range depending on the institution.

5. Public Relations

Public relation is a course that is in demand in Kenya. It provides the learner with communication skills that enable him to pass new information to people and convince the audience. It´s a skill that is important in many companies as the companies meet new customers each day. In Kenya, Public relations are offered in diploma form as well as degrees. The University of Nairobi offers this course which takes four years of study.

You are likely to be employed by non-governmental organizations, Parastatals, Government sectors, and even private companies. The skills are useful in customer service departments in the companies. In Kenya, Safaricom the biggest company in terms of profitability recruits communication officers each day to assist them in their call center. They prefer people with public relations skills.

6. Banking and Finance

Banking and finance are one of the most marketable courses in Kenya. Kenya is a developing country, new financial companies are entering the Kenya market. Banking courses are exclusively offered in Kenya school of monetary studies offered by Delarue, a company that mint money in Kenya.

Other institutes like Zetech University, Nairobi business studies, Kenya Institute of Studies and Nairobi Aviation college are among colleges also offer banking and finance courses. A diploma course cost an average of Ksh 50,000 per year. The course can take a minimum of two years for a diploma and up to four years for a degree course.

The numbers of banks are increasing each day in Kenya and older one expanding by opening new branches to maximize their profit. You can also get employed in Sacco (Savings and Credit cooperation Organizations) which are a popular way of saving in Kenya. The starting salary for a freshly graduated person with banking course is ksh50,000 with yearly increments which depend on individual performance.

7. Real Estate and Property Management

Apart from the above-mentioned courses, Real estate and property management is an emerging course that will soon be among the most marketable courses in Kenya. The reason being that the real estate sector is expanding at an alarming rate in Kenya. The Kenya government is coming up with a mega housing plan that will see the need for skilled estate managers to manage the project.

This course is among the new courses that are introduced in the Kenyan curriculum. Currently, the course is offered at the University of Nairobi in the architectural department to boost architecture.

Final Word

Doing the right thing first should be a guiding statement for every person. Investing in a course that is among the most marketable courses in Kenya first thing can give you an important kick in your career life. You are also guaranteed to rise in your career ladder.


  1. Faith chemutai on August 21, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Recently I was enrolled by Kuccps to pursue a diploma course in analytical chemistry at Nairobi Technical.Is this course marketable? Kindly guide me

  2. Kevin omondi on June 19, 2019 at 5:01 am

    Hello? Am Kevin pursuing bachelor degree in statistics science is the course marketable in Kenya today?

  3. Austine Muo on June 17, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    I was admitted by kuccps to Pursue industrial chemistry, the course not being marketable in Kenya at least now I have a list to make a choice from😊😊
    Thanks alot 🕺🕺

    • Paul James on June 18, 2019 at 4:45 pm

      Happy to help you, Austine! All the best to you!


  4. brian on May 23, 2019 at 9:29 am

    i am currently persueing banking and finance .can you advice me accordingly on marketability of that course please

    i cordiarly wait for your response

  5. labour Robert on May 21, 2019 at 5:17 am

    recently I was enrolled by kuccps to take B.Com at cooperative University but my mom really insisted on me enrolling again for a diploma in aeronautical engineering but due to what I’ve gotten here I think I must show her ,,, thank you,,?

  6. BARAKA YAAH on May 16, 2019 at 8:21 am

    Hi Marcel.I have been admitted to sturdy bachelor of actuarial science.Basing on the marketability of the course,do you advice me to go ahead taking the programme?

    • Marcel Jimmy on May 17, 2019 at 9:21 am

      Hello Baraka,

      thanks for leaving a comment. If you have clear goals for your career and work hard, you will be able to succeed in any field. Do your own research, analyze your personal strength and weaknesses, and then make a reasonable decision. That’s my advice! 😉


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