Find Online Jobs in Kenya (that Pay Through Mpesa)


Online jobs in Kenya are a lucrative way to make money from home and support your income.

Find a list with legit online jobs here, that pay through Mpesa and learn, how to seize these great opportunities and to avoid scams.

Why is Payment through Mpesa So Popular?

Online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa have received a major boost due to the partnership between Paypal and Mpesa. You are now able to transfer money directly from your PayPal account to your Mpesa account.

Mpesa is a mobile platform which involves the transfer of money via mobile phones. It was invented by Safaricom, the biggest company in terms of profitability in Kenya. Mpesa has improved Kenyan economy by changing the lives and livelihoods of Kenyan citizen. It has become very easy to send and withdraw as little as $1.

A few years ago, Paypal was the only way to receive money for a freelancer in Kenya. Things were really hard and difficult. You had to apply for a pioneer card to be able to access money from Paypal. You could find yourself waiting for fortnights to be able to withdraw.

Then Equity Bank made a partnership with Paypal and it was a relief as you were to wait for three working days to receive your money. The services were not so good but it was better than none. The partnership between Mpesa and Paypay was received with joy from freelancers who work online. It only takes you at most two hours to receive your money. Not forgetting the exchange is much better.

Online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa are increasing with time. Mpesa has reduced the time taken to transfer money from one bank to another. It has also reduced insecurity as people don’t have to carry physical money. People also prefer to be paid through Mpesa because it is instant and safe.

Mpesa encourages freelancer to work more because it has reduced the risk taken to receive payments. Also due to the fact that people do not have to walk long distances to the bank to make payments making them utilize their time working more.

A List of Online Jobs in Kenya that Pay Through Mpesa


Upwork is one of the top freelancer sites that offer online jobs by linking freelancers with clients who want their work to be done remotely. Upwork has recently permitted Mpesa payments method to Kenyan which has really simplified freelancer payments. Upwork to Mpesa Payments are immediate and relatively cheaper compared to other Upwork payment methods. Initially, Upwork used to pay through Paypal, Skrill or via Pioneer cards for Kenya payments which used to take days with a lot of deductions.

Freelancers in Kenya nowadays are preferring to work with Upwork due to this added payment method. You need to have registered with Mpesa to be able to add Mpesa to Upwork payment methods. Mpesa payment is especially for Kenyans only. The following are steps to add Mpesa as a payment method in Upwork

  1. Go to My Job menu
  2. Click Get Paid
  3. Click payment method
  4. Click Add method
  5. Choose Mpesa
  6. Fill in Mpesa details as requested
  7. Click Add, and you are done

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online job where companies hire freelancers to market their products via different affiliate networks. Affiliate networks require you to sign up and fill in some application forms to be given access, then you choose the merchant you want to promote. It is advisable to choose a product from your niche which is easier to sell. The most popular affiliate networks in Kenya includes


Most of these networks pay the commission via Mpesa on attaining a certain threshold. For example, will disburse your payment when you hit $50 as a commission. This is OK as it encourages volumes. Some of the popular platforms available for Kenyans include

  • Amazon
  • Bluehost
  • Hubpages
  • Iwriter
  • Payoneer
  • Jumia

You can easily join any of them as it is free to sign up.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is one of the online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa. There are many companies that are offering the service. Forex trade involves the selling of one currency and buying of the other with an aim of making a profit. Some of the best Forex trading companies in Kenya include

  • FXPro
  • Forex Kenya
  • Forex New Snow
  • Atoz forex

Recently CMA (Capital Market Authority) in Kenya is aiming at regularizing forex trade in Kenya by ensuring that all commissions are paid through bank cheques and electronic funds transfer. This will still not affect Mpesa payments as many banks in Kenya are connected to Mpesa accounts where someone can initiate Mpesa payments direct from his account.

Online Writing

The number of Kenyan citizen entering freelancer jobs is increasing each day. This is fueled by people with years of writing as a freelancer, deciding to open their own companies where they source direct clients who would want their services. They later train and employ full-time writers to work for them through their companies.

Most of the Kenyan employers are making payments via Mpesa. One of renown writer and employer in Kenya is Walter Akolo who is the owner of Mpesa has enabled writers to coordinate with their Kenyan employers who assign work remotely without necessarily meeting the writer because the payment is done directly to the writers Mpesa accounts without delays. Some of the online jobs that Kenyan employers are taking up include

  • Article writing
  • Academic writing
  • Data entry
  • Proofreading
  • Transcribing
  • Translation

Sales of e-books

Many people in Kenya are striving to have a side hustles to boost their incomes. The cost of living is increasing each day making one salary to be insufficient. One of the easiest way and activity that has been adopted as a side hustle for many full-time employees in Kenyan is the sale of e-books. An e-book is a book that is available in soft copies and is downloadable in pdf form.

Most of the e-book sellers are using Facebook and Instagram to reach their customers by advertising them on busy pages and forums. In Kenya, popular Facebook pages like the Kilimani mum groups are full of ebook sellers because of the traffic in this group. Others are advertising specific books like ebooks that promote infant care to groups popular with new mothers.

If the customer like the book, the payment is made directly to the seller’s Mpesa account which reflects immediately and them the seller avail the book via email address. Mpesa has enabled quick transaction as both parties do not have to wait for payments to reflect in their bank account to avail the required books.

Other Opportunities to Make Money Online

Other activities in Kenya that pay through Mpesa include sports betting. Although betting is not necessarily classified as a job, it is one of the most recreative activity Kenyans are spending time in. It has become the main hustle and hobbies for many youths in Kenya. Those people who are able to speculate accurately are earning big time.

We have witnesses people winning jackpots worth millions of money in Kenya through sports betting. All sport betting companies in Kenya make payments through Mpesa. Mpesa has become the preferred mode of payments in many companies today. You do not have to move a step to make payments and to get paid as the money is transferred directly to your phone.

There are other online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa indirectly, stock trading through the Nairobi stock exchange is one of them. Although the earnings go through the stock brokers, many stock brokers in Kenya are banks. However, it is easy to pull money from your bank account to your Mpesa account instantly.

Although Mpesa has become a popular way of transacting in Kenya, Mpesa charges are relatively high as compared to bank charges. The other limitation with Mpesa payments is that the amount of money you can receive and send at a time is limited. The capacity of Mpesa account is also limited to a maximum of Ksh 140,000 which limits large payments.

How to find Legit Online Jobs and Avoid Scams

Now that you know which kind of online jobs in Kenya are out there, you can search the internet for legit opportunities and select the ones that suit your expectations. But how can you avoid being scammed and identify if an online job is legit? Here are a few signs you should be aware of when you browse job opportunities:

You are promised to get rich quickly without effort

If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely isn’t true. A lot of truth lies in this popular saying. You should be wary of any getting rich quick schemes or job offers which are packed with sugar-coating promises.

There is no way of earning money without any effort! Ask yourself: If it was that easy, why should someone ask YOU and not just keep all the earnings for oneself?! All successful entrepreneurs who make passive income had to invest a lot of work (and money) up front, do not forget that.

Steer clear of every so-called opportunity which promises to pay you for doing nothing. That warning applies to online jobs in Kenya and anywhere as well.

You have to invest money

Do not agree to pay any money to get an online job in Kenya, to speed up a hiring process or to increase your potential earnings. Most likely, after transferring your money you will never hear from the potential employer again.

When a website asks for a membership fee to get access to potential employers or to use their business scheme, read the terms of service and ensure yourself what you pay for exactly.

That does not mean that every opportunity which requires you to invest money is a scam. But it is undoubtedly not a job then, it’s an investment. An investment always involves the risk of losing all your money. The higher the potential return on investment is, the higher is the risk of loss.

Note: No, pyramid schemes are not ‘jobs’!!!

You have to submit personal data first

Genuine online jobs in Kenya will not require you to submit personal data, for any purposes other than registering on a website, closing a work contract or payment. Anyone asking for data like your bank account or a copy of your ID on the very start of the hiring process is probably an identity thieve.

Of course, it is common to share those data after you established a mutual relationship and got proof that your employer is a trustworthy person or company. You can avoid such risks if you look for jobs on renowned platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, where everything from registration to payment is managed through a middleman (the platform provider).


There is only one thing left to say now: Get off your couch, search for legit online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa (or not), and start applying for your first gig. You will need a lot of motivation and continuous hard work to make good money from online jobs in Kenya, but it is worth the effort, I promise.


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