The 7 Best Entry-Level Remote Jobs Every Beginner Can Do


Who wouldn’t want to have a job where you can work from home, or practically anywhere else in the world?

Today, more than ever, people are turning to the idea of working remotely, instead of holding traditional jobs that require you to actually leave the house every day and show up.

In fact, a recent survey by showed that about 85% of millennials prefer the idea of working remotely, as opposed to working in a traditional workplace.

But many people tend to believe that just because they have don’t have any experience working freelance and remotely, there’s no way they could ever get hired for that type of work.

This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth.

The following guide help you learn about what the best entry level remote are, as well as a few pointers on where to find them.

Working Remotely Is Possible for Anyone

Take me, for example. I’ve always had a passion for writing, but after graduating high school, I spent the next 10 years working in the construction industry.

And because I had absolutely no real-life experience as a writer, I never thought I’d be able to turn my passion into a career.

But, working remotely has allowed me to do exactly that.

I was able to start slowly, by picking up a few small writing jobs here and there. And then once I got a few successful jobs under my belt, it wasn’t long before I was to find enough work to be able to quit my construction job and pursue working as a full-time freelance writer.

Teaching English Online Starter Guide
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This doesn’t mean that working remotely is all fun and games.

In fact, when you don’t have a boss telling you what to do, it can even be hard to find the motivation to put yourself to work, let alone finding jobs for yourself.

Still, with a bit of dedication, and some effort on your part, it’s possible to find your first entry-level job and start working remotely.

In this guide, we’re going to over 7 of the best remote entry-level jobs that anyone can do.

So, What Exactly Are Entry Level Remote Jobs?

Entry level jobs are jobs that require little to no previous work experience.

They often pay a bit less than jobs that require previous work experience, however, they’re still a great way to get your foot in the door, and gain some remote work experience before looking for more advanced positions.

Remote jobs imply any type of work that can be done online by using cloud-based programs or other types of internet applications. Typically, the only requirement is that you have a computer, smartphone or tablet, and a high-speed internet connection to be able to communicate with your clients.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention the best part of working a remote job is that you can technically work from anywhere in the world.

Keep in mind these are only entry-level positions. So, it’s best to think of them as your training in the field of your choice.

It’s also a good idea to choose one niche in particular, whether it be working as an ESL teacher, a content writer, or as a social media manager, and perfect your skills in that industry before trying to find other types of remote work.

First things first, you’re first going to need to find an entry level job that allows you to work remotely.

The 7 Best Entry-Level Remote Jobs

So, let’s dive into our list of the 7 best entry level remote jobs that any beginner can do.

1. Online English Teaching/Tutoring

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If you can speak fluently, teaching English online is an excellent way to get your first remote job and gain some experience in the teaching industry.

When teaching English online, you’ll have the option to either work as an individual freelance teacher, or you can try to find work with an agency. If working as an individual, you’ll be required to find your own students and build your client base, while those working for an agency will likely be connected directly with their students.

Working as an online teacher can sometimes be a challenging job, especially if you’re students are still very new to the English language.

However, when you start seeing that your students are improving and gaining new abilities, you’ll feel accomplished and all your hard work will be well worth it.

Job Responsibilities

As an English teacher or tutor, you’ll be working with people who are looking to learn or improve their English.

Therefore, you’ll be responsible for planning, preparing and delivering lessons to your students and making sure that they are improving their skills.

Teaching English online usually consists of speaking with your students via online chat, where you’ll be free to communicate and deliver your lessons according to their needs.

Average Pay

Entry-level wages typically start around $10 per hour, but there are a number of factors that can influence how much you’ll make such as your location and your experience level.

For example, some students might be willing to pay more for a native English teacher from say Canada or the US, as opposed to teachers who only speak English as a second language.

2. Virtual Assistant

best laptops for teachers

While some employers might only be looking for experienced virtual assistants, many VA jobs available online require little to no previous work experience.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll usually be working for another professional in your field and will be assisting them with their daily job tasks.

Job Responsibilities

VA positions are quite similar to working as a regular assistant and your primary tasks will include administrative duties such as scheduling meetings and appointments, answering phone calls/messages, performing online research, managing small projects, as well as communicating with other employees.

As mentioned, VA jobs don’t require much, if any, previous experience, but it’s still a good idea to be knowledgeable on how to use programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel, as well as being a self-starter who can easily solve problems.

Average Pay

Since you’ll be taking on an entry-level position as a virtual assistant, you’ll likely be starting at a lower wage, with the opportunity to work your way up depending on your skills and performance.

According to, entry-level virtual assistants make about $42,000 per year on average, which works out to be about $20 per hour.

3. Content Writer


Being an online content writer is a great way to start working remotely and gain experience as a writer.

This doesn’t usually require much experience, although most clients want to see that you have a solid understand of the English language and are capable of producing high-quality articles, that are informative, well-written and free of errors.

Job Responsibilities

As a content writer, your responsibilities will include performing online research and creating news articles, press releases, business proposals, stories, or anything else that may be required by your client.

When it comes to content writing, there are virtually no limits on what you might end up writing about.

In the past, for example, I’ve had a number of one-time jobs that required me to write articles about strange topics such as jewelry polishing or gun part cleaners. Neither of these are topics that I’m particularly knowledgeable or passionate about, but writing these articles required me to research the topics, learn about them, and then write about them in an informative, yet conversational tone.

Average Pay

Content writers are either be paid per project, per hour, or per word depending on your client’s requirements.

Personally, I prefer searching for jobs that are paid per project, which gives me the ability to earn more of an hourly wage by finishing jobs faster.

As an entry-level content writer, I started out earning anywhere about $0.50 to $1.00 per 100 words written, however, this quickly started going up once I gained some experience and proved myself to my clients.

According to, entry-level content writing jobs start out as low as $9 per hour, but this changes a lot depending on the type of work you’re producing.

In my personal experience, I usually made anywhere between $10 to $20 per hour when I was first starting out

4. Customer Service or Sales Representative

As long as you’re willing to learn about a company’s products and services, finding an entry-level job in customer service should be a relatively easy task.

These types of companies are usually only looking for people who are friendly to talk to, and patient enough to deal with any troublesome or irate customers.

Job Responsibilities

Customer service jobs will require that you answer calls, emails or instant chat messages from customers to help solve their problems.

This often includes troubleshooting products or services, upselling and making inside sales, surveying customers, and even dealing with payment and billing issues.

Average Pay

Because entry level customer service jobs don’t require you to have any particular experience, hourly wages usually start between $12 to $15 per hour.

5. Data Entry Clerk


Data entry can easily be done remotely and doesn’t require any previous experience in your employer’s industry.

You will need to be a detail-oriented person and should have a basic understanding of how to create documents and spreadsheets. Most data entry positions require nothing more than fast typing skills and a keen eye for detail.

Job Responsibilities

Your daily job duties will include creating documents and filling in information as per your client’s requirements. You may also be required to perform thorough research to collect data in order to transfer this information into a computer system or database to maintain accurate records for your employer.

Average Pay

Most beginner data entry positions start between $10 to $12 per hour. Find more information on data entry jobs and salaries here.

6. Social Media Manager


With social media being more popular than ever, more and more companies are looking for people to take care of their social media accounts in order to help maintain a positive image in the eyes of their customers.

Job Responsibilities

As a social media manager, your job duties will include tasks such as replying to customer comments and messages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, performing online research, as well as scheduling interesting content posts to keep customers engaged with the company.

You’ll typically be required to complete tasks that are relatively simple, but usually somewhat tedious and time-consuming to perform.

Average Pay

Depending on your skills, locations, and availability, social media manager positions usually start out at about $14 to $15 per hour.

7. Translator/Interpreter

Translation is another entry-level job that doesn’t require very much experience. As long as you are fluent in two different languages, you should be able to find work as a translator.

Translation jobs are excellent for gaining experience working remotely, as well as improving your own language skills and technique.

Job Responsibilities

As a translator, you’ll typically be required to translate documents from one language into another. This job requires a fluent understanding of both languages being used, as well as a keen attention for detail in order for the text to be translated properly.

You can also find translator/interpreter jobs where instead of translating documents, you may be required to work as an intermediary to facilitate communication between two people who speak different languages.

Average Pay

According to, most entry-level translation jobs start at just over $19 per hour.

Finding Entry Level Remote Jobs


Once you’ve decided to work remotely as a freelancer, the next step is to get out there and find yourself an entry-level position. Below, are a few places to start your job search.

Online Job Boards

There are literally hundreds of remote job boards on the internet. Most platforms, such as and, have job listings in a variety of different niches and industries. In most cases, you’ll have to set up an account, create a profile, and then you’ll be free to apply to any of the jobs posted on their websites.

Personal Networking

Networking is always a great way to meet new people, and build connections that can help launch your career as a remote worker. It’s also never a bad idea to contact your former employers and co-workers to ask if they’re able to help you out in any way.

Another good idea is to create an account on LinkedIn, which can be used as your own personal portfolio by displaying your past and current work, as well as allowing you to connect with all sorts of professionals in your industry.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook and Twitter are excellent places to search for potential jobs. You can try joining groups where people talk about remote work to find out who is hiring. You can even try sending out tweets with hashtags related to the type of job you’re looking for.

Cold Calling/E-mailing

This method requires a bit more effort on your part, but it can often be the best way for landing your dream job.

If you already know which company you want to work for, you can try picking up the phone and making an unsolicited call to their office. Once you get them on the line, introduce yourself and ask a few simple questions such as whether or not they hire remote employees, or if they are currently looking for any.

Also, if you’re too shy to pick up the phone, you can also try getting in contact with a company by sending them an unsolicited e-mail. Just make sure to address your recipient personally and try to keep things short and professional.

Final Thoughts


By now, you should have a good idea of what type of remote work entry-level jobs are out there.

Remember that most of these jobs require little to no experience and they can be done by practically anyone regardless of your skill level or experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and start looking for your first remote job!

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