The 7 Best Online Jobs For Students


As a student, you’ll probably have to live a frugal life, unless you have rich parents.

With online jobs, you can earn a little side income to pay your bills and afford some extras.

Here is a list of the best online jobs for students, which do not require too much time and experience.

You will agree with me that being a college student is an involving task. Sometimes you get broke in the middle of the semester that you wonder how you’re going to carry on the rest of the semester. One day may seem like a week to you.

You don’t have to worry anymore! Technology has made things easy that you only need a computer with high-speed internet to start earning smart. You still don’t believe? How about if I tell you that you can still browse the best online jobs for students using your smartphone? In fact, internet users that are using smartphone and tablets are increasing by 34% each year according to a study by comScore. Let me take you slowly.

The best thing about online jobs is that you can work anywhere and anytime. There are many online jobs for college students that you will be spoiled for choice. You only need to create time in between your schedule to do online jobs every day. You can choose part-time jobs so you don’t compromise on your education.

How Much Can You Earn Working Online?

It is very interesting to realize that you can actually dictate your earnings with online jobs. However, there are three main factors that determine how much you can earn from online jobs for students.


Experience enables you to produce high-quality products. An experienced skilled person is likely to earn five times more than an inexperienced person. This is because he is confident of the results and can even negotiate for a better pay by demonstrating to a client his expertise using past work.


Some skills are rare to find and hence the demand for them increases. The skills that you possess will determine your average pay in that industry. Compare programming with writing skills. A skill in programming will definitely pay more than a writing skill. There are few people with programming skill due to its complexity as compared to writing skill which is easy to acquire.

Job Website

The site in which you are working under will determine how much you will earn. Take an example of two sites that provide transcription online job. If you work with you will earn more per minute of audio transcribed compared to working with whereas both sites provide transcription jobs. Also, a study by hubstaff revealed that you can earn 65% per hour more by working on a personal website than on a third-party website.

The 7 Best Online Jobs for Students

Now, here is a comprehensive list of seven best online jobs you can do as you study. Most of the jobs below do not require much skill making them ideal for any student who is trying to balance between working and studying.

1. Online Survey Jobs for College Students

Companies out there hire students and other people to conduct surveys on their behalf. Surveys are very important to companies as they are key marketing indicators. They help a company to ascertain what people perceive their products which helps them improve.

It is fun and easy to complete survey questions and you earn your dollar just like that! You can complete as many survey questions as possible in a day which translates to more pay. To start you off, you’ll need to register with sites that provide paid surveys and you’re good to go. Here are the most legit sites that provide paid surveys.

2. Online Peer Tutoring

If you are good in one subject, you can start earning from it by tutoring other students who are weak on the subject. The best thing about peer tutoring is that you can start with your college mates. Parents all over the world are looking for the best for their children. They are willing to pay well for the service too.

Recently, parents in China have been looking for online tutors who could teach their children the English language. You don’t have to fly all the way to China for a one-on-one teaching, no, you can do it online thanks to the internet. You can even create a course and post it on free-to-post sites or you can even create your own website and post them there. Here are legit online sites that offer online tutoring jobs.

3. Ad Clicking Jobs for Students

Marketing has gone a step higher with the introduction of digital marketing strategies. Ad clicking is one of digital marketing strategy that is being used by marketing companies to increase the number of visitations for their website. This improves the impression of a company which may translate to sales conversions. There are several sites that pay you for clicking adverts on a website. You just log in to the site, select and click the advert, study it for some seconds and that’s it.

There are several paid to click (PTC) sites that you can register with to start earning. Ok, most likely you won’t become right doing this, but ad clicking is an ideal online job for college students since they don’t require any skill in particular. As long as you have a smartphone with the internet you’re good to go. You can do it anywhere as you wish. Here are trusted paid to click sites for you.

4. Transcription and Translation

Transcription is a process of converting audio into text, while translation is the process of changing information from one language to the other without altering the meaning. This is an easy task that requires transcriptionist to have a very good listening and typing skills. You also need to have flawless grammar in order to punctuate accurately and transcribe everything exactly as spoken by the speaker.

There are many jobs that require transcribing. They range from telephone calls, interviews, preaching to lecture classes making the demand for transcription to increase. People willing and able to transcribe are hired every now and then. In economics, if demand surpassed supply the price goes high. Transcription is one of the well paid online jobs for college students. You can easily learn transcription from YouTube courses which are free. Here are the most trusted sites from transcription online jobs.

5. Data Entry Online Jobs

There is no reason why you should be broke as data entry is the easiest online job for college students. You can even work with your eyes close so they say. You only need a basic knowledge of computer and a relatively good typing speed. Data entry jobs are common online jobs that are available in almost all freelance sites.

Typing speed in data entry online jobs is the key to earning. The more you input data the more you earn. You don’t need to have any particular skill to do data entry. Data entry employers don’t really care about your level of education. They will send the files and instructions on where to input the data and the deadlines. It is up to you to present accurately work on time.

Here are sites where you can find data entry jobs.

6. Social Media Manager

According to the study by comScore, time spent on digital media has grown by 70% in less than five years. This makes the demand for social media management jobs to increase in recent years. This finding has provided online jobs for college students who like being on social media most of the time.

Social media management is a fun job and can earn you money in the process. You need to be conversant with most social media platforms. The fact that companies need their presence to appear on social media is one of the indications that social media management jobs are lucrative. Social media management jobs can be found anywhere. Here are places you can easily find good paying social media management jobs.

  • Networking
  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Freelance job sites
  • Cold pitch directly from companies

Various freelance sites provide social media online jobs. Here are legit freelancing sites that you can find social media management jobs that pay well

7. Resume Writing

Did you know that resume and CV writing can be a source of income? Now you know. People are constantly looking for jobs or changing job because of one reason or the other. Business associates require great resume too for business purposes; they need to update their CVs and resumes regularly. People are gaining experience every other day and they need to update them on their CVs. This is a good online job for college students.

A great resume has powers to speak where you can’t. They are your ambassador and that is why you need to have them written professionally. As a college student, you need to learn how to write an excellent resume for the purpose of earning extra income in college.

Resume writing does not take much time as long as you know what you are doing. In a day you can do several resumes. The good thing about resume writing is that you can do it part-time and still have quality time for your studies.

Just like social media management jobs, you can find resume writing jobs anywhere. From friends to relatives to networking to cold pitching, resume writing jobs are everywhere. However, you can still find resume writing jobs from the following legit sites

Online Jobs for College Students, Which Require More Skills and Time

And the list continues. Basically, these are the best online jobs for students that will allow you to work as you study. Needless to say, there are many more online jobs for college students you can do during your vacations, or when you are already a skilled person. These jobs require your presence and maximum concentration to produce quality.

Most of the jobs on this list pay relatively well but require top-notch products. Here is a list of the best online jobs for college students on vacation.

  • Freelance writing
  • Virtual assistance
  • Programming
  • Website building
  • Graphic designing
  • Videography and photography

These are online jobs that require you to have special skills to work on them. You can equip yourself with the relevant skill and start earning good money during your school holidays so that you won’t have to work your back-off during school time.

You can easily find the said jobs on freelance job boards. The most and trusted freelance site is Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and peopleperhour. You will require opening a free account, indicating the skills you possess so that you can get filtered job opportunities that suit your skills. Most of the sites provide you with email alerts to notify you once a client requests for a job that matches your skills.


You don’t have any reason to be broke again. Online jobs for college students are readily available. You only need to have the will and work hard to deliver quality. Many college people have been doing online jobs even after completing their school. Online jobs are jobs like any other jobs and can really pay well.

If this is your goal, then start working on your career early enough, so that you can move to the next level when you do it full time. There are people who depend on writing for a living and you can still join the group.

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