The Coolest Online Jobs For Teens (Under 18)


If you are a teen of 18 years and below and you are looking to keeping yourself busy, why not try doing something that will pay you. There are so many things you love doing at your leisure time that can actually earn you money.

Working is not fun for teens (or is it?), but how about if I tell you that you can do what you love and earn some good money doing it? That’s cool, right? There are many online jobs for teens that you should know right away.

Money is one of the most motivating factors in life because it makes you live a life that you desire. As a teen, you don’t have to depend on your parents for everything! Wake up and start experiencing the good feeling that comes with having control of your life.

Money is everywhere but you have to reach for it. As you approach adulthood, you need to be able to take full control of your expenses and know how to earn and spend. This will make you responsible early in life.

The Best Online Jobs for Teens Available

Now, you are eagerly looking to find the best jobs for teens that will change your life from being an idle person to becoming an active person with doing quality activities. Here is the list of online jobs for teens you should know:

1. Making Money Listening to Music and Video

You love music, don’t you? The good thing is that you can make money listening to music. This is cool money because you are rewarded to do what you love. Companies and different websites pay you to listen to and review their music. Some Radio stations will also reward you for listening to the music they play. When you sign in with them you will be given an identity code that you must enter after every 10 minutes to verify that you are actually listening to the station.

Some of the websites and Radio stations that will pay you to listen to their songs include:

Music Xray

Music Xray will pay you to listen to your favorite music on their website. Opening a new account is free. When you register you will be required to identify yourself as a listener and fill out your profile with your personal information. You will be required to identify your favorite genre in the profile.

Music Xray will then be sending you songs according to the genre you chose. You will be paid $0.1 for listening to music for 30 seconds. Payments are made through PayPal and you will access your payments when the total amount in your account reaches $20.

Radio Loyalty

You will start earning the point as soon as you register with Radio Loyalty. Radio Loyalty has many radio stations that you can choose from. You can even choose a music genre so that you will be receiving songs on that genre from different Radio stations. You will be rewarded 1 point for every minute spent listening to the radio.

Slice the pie

You will be paid to listen and review music tracks on this site. If you are 13 years and above you can join to take up music reviews. Payments range from $0.05 to $0.20 per track depending on the length of the track. Your rank and the quality of your reviews will affect your payments. The minimum threshold allowed by Slicethepie to withdraw your money is $10.

2. Make Money Playing Online Games

Did you know that there are online jobs for teens which pay you for playing your favorite games? You don’t need to buy games, rather you can join the website for free and play web-based games. Here are few paid sites that will pay you to play games:


You will get paid when you play games on this sites. You can also refer friends to the site and still earn some money.


InboxDollars is a genuine to-do-site where you can do different tasks and get paid for it. You can watch videos, take surveys, do shopping and many more simple activities and get paid.

3. Make Money Doing Online Surveys

You can take up online surveys for money. You don’t need to have any qualifications, companies pay you to do surveys on their products online because they want to know your opinion as a potential customer.


This site allows teens to register and do surveys that are related to their age group. You can use your smartphone to complete surveys on survey junkie. The good thing about Surveyjunkie is that you can do surveys anywhere at any time on any device.


Get paid on Swagbucks to perform different tasks. One of the many tasks you can perform is an online survey. Swagbucks allows children from 13 years and above to take up surveys. You will be paid through points which you can redeem later. Registration is free and you can take online surveys anytime you feel like.

4. Make Money Selling Items

If you are good at making items both handmade or computer designs. You can start making money using your talent. This is a good money generating activity because of there no limit of how much you can earn and no age limit. The quality of your products will sell itself. Here are three major sites where you can sell different items.


You can sell handmade items through this site. If you are good at arts and can produce high-quality products, you can join Etsy family and trade your products. Beadworks, drawing, mosaic and the like can generate you good money.


You can make money online by selling designs. If you love computer designing, you can actually start making money out of it. It is very easy to open an account with Cafepress because it is absolutely free. Make some designs using your computer and upload the designs. Cafepress will use your designs on items like mugs, t-shirts, beachwear to sell the items.

Every item that CafePress sells with your design, you get a commission out of that. The secret here is to produce designs that will be loved by many people. How do you know what people love? Well, you can make your own surveys or by posting the designs on your social media pages to have people like the designs.

5. Make Money Creating Youtube Videos

There is no age limit to creating youtube videos. If you are able to create an interesting video and post it on Youtube you can be able to earn good money. The secret to making money through Youtube is to create viral videos which attract a large audience.

Youtube will automatically add ads to your video, e.g. short prepend short video clips or display text ads on your video. Every time someone watches or clicks an ad, you will be paid a small amount, a share from Youtube’s ad revenue. The more people watch your video, the more money you can earn.

Online Jobs for Teens Who Have Special Skills

If you are a go-getter kid, the one who says, “Wait! Why not go for that big money?” Well, this is your chance to earn real money and become a rich kid! There are jobs that need some extra commitments and energy.

If you believe in yourself and have the desired skills, you can start making money with your skills and go for the following online jobs. One thing in life is that you will get back what you deposited. If you deposited hard work you will expect good results.

Having said that, your age will hinder you from taking up just any job. However, that doesn’t stop you from doing your best beside limited online jobs for teens. Here are legit jobs for teens that will earn you good money.

6. Online Tutoring

Are you good in one or more subjects? This is your chance to earn good money for tutoring others. There are always slow learning children by nature who need to be taken through slowly. A class teacher may not be able to do that because of the differences in the intelligence level of the pupils.

This makes the slow learners find extra tutors for remedial classes. The good thing about tutoring is that you can work at your own best time and you earn per hour. You can join sites that allow peer tutoring. Here are examples of these sites.


Children from 15 years are allowed to register. Create your profile and state the subject that you want to tutor. Clients will go through your profile and hire you. You will have to offer two free tutoring sessions to showcase your tutoring skills from which you take up paid sessions.


SameSpeak will hire children from 16 years and above to train others in the English language. You must be a native English speaker to qualify. If you really demonstrate your skills in teaching others to learn English you can earn up to $20 per hours which is cool money for a teen.

7. Online Writing Jobs

If you have a good command of English, you can do online writing for people. This is an online job that doesn’t have an age limit. What matters is what you produce at the end of the day. Although online writing jobs need ample time to produce quality, there are many kinds of writing that are easy to complete. Here they are

Writing Product Reviews

Products reviews need you to write a few sentences about a product and you are done. This job is always available. As long as you are a consumer of a certain product you are eligible to give reviews on the same. This helps companies in their marketing strategies where they will learn the impression their products are making to the consumers. You can visit mobee, it is a site that will pay you to do their reviews.

Rewriting and Proofreading

This is an easy job that doesn’t need a lot of time because someone else has already done the core thing. Rewriting involves writing the same thing in a different contest as directed by your client. Proofreading is reading contents and removing grammatical errors that could have occurred during writing. If you are good in English you can earn good money doing these two tasks

Data Entry and Editing

Data entry is simply inputting data from one place to another. For example, a client may provide you with a PDF document to get information from and require you to put the data in a form that he will direct you. This is an easy job as you won’t spend time thinking about what to write. Editing is equally simple and won’t take a lot of your time.

Legit Companies Where You Can Find the Above Writing Jobs

Other Jobs You Might Want to Consider

Maybe you can’t access a phone or computers for one reason or the other, or maybe you do not want to hang around all day on electronic devices, because you love to exercise or to meet other people, but you want to make money nevertheless. Well, never mind because we have compiled some “real life” jobs for you. Although these are not ‘online’ jobs in particular, you can use social media or websites, too, to advertise your services and find clients locally.

9. Running Errands

You can make good money running errands. People are always looking for delivery services, moving items, handyman to help with some tasks and the like. Moving from one place to the other is not only tiresome but also it is a time-consuming activity. Having someone to run some errands for you as you do something else at a small fee is wise.

If you can ride a bike, running errands can be an easy thing to do. You can advertise your services online through social media to get clients. Sites that you can find running errands jobs include,

10. Babysitting

If you are an outgoing person you can try doing babysitting jobs in your free time and earn some money out of it. People are looking for babysitters all the time. If you are interested and don’t know where to start, you can get babysitting online course and learn how to babysit effectively. You can join online sites that provide these services for free. Here are some of the sites you can find babysitting jobs online.

11. Pet Walking

Pets need to be walked frequently. Busy people are always looking for a pet walker to help them walk their pets as they attend to their other duties. Pet walking is not hard. You can do it at your free hours by contacting your clients. Just like babysitter and running errands you can advertise your services on your social media as most of your clients will be your locals.

12. Photography and Videography

If you love taking photos you can do it and still earn some good money. You can take fascinating sceneries and post them on paid sites to get paid. You can also sell your photos on different sites that accept videos and photos. Some of the websites that can buy your photographs and videos include:


Online jobs for teens are numerous, the list is endless. These jobs range from simple ones to jobs that require some skills. You can do any job as it pleases you. However, not all jobs are universal, some provide jobs for a specific location only. You can acquire more skills to help you find good Jobs which require advanced skills and knowledge since pays more.

Online jobs can supplement the pocket money that you receives from your parents. However, you need to learn saving methods to help you to use your money wisely. Money is a good master if you know how to use it well. Learn available investment opportunities around you for your future life.

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