How To Find Online Writing Jobs For Beginners


You want to start a freelance writing career, to make a living or escape your 9-to-5 job routine? Writers are in high demand, but every beginning is hard. In this post, you’ll learn, where you can find online writing jobs for beginners and what factors will make you succeed.

Just like any other profession, a successful writing career doesn’t happen overnight. You have to start somewhere and work your way up. There is a need to mention that you must love and have passion in writing in order to succeed.

If you’re reading this article now, you probably are looking for information on online writing jobs for beginners and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry; you’re in the right place! Everybody can start freelancing without previous experience.

Writing Genres

In your quest to understand writing career, you must have come across different writing genres and wondered what they pertain. Writing genres are different types of writing techniques that depend on the content, tone, and audience. Here are common writing genres you are likely to encounter in your writing career:

Article Writing

Article writing refers to writing articles for various purposes. Journalists mainly write news and articles for magazines and media reports. Article writing is a narrative form of writing in which you will be required to narrate something to the audience.

Blog Writing

This refers to writing different contents for websites and blog post. Blogs are personal websites or pages on a website where the owner engages with his audience using relevant contents. Blog writing is an engaging form of writing where you must write in a conversational tone.


This is a form of writing where you are giving out your right of ownership. There is no indication of your contribution, so the reader will not recognize you.


This refers to writing marketing contents without directly showing like you’re marketing. The tone of your content should entice the audience with an aim of marketing something.

Creative Writing

This refers to writing short stories, novels or poem, fiction, and non-fiction.

Although different writing genres require a unique writing style and tone, the writing structure may be more or less the same since you need an introduction, descriptive body and a summary or conclusion in any writing.

Qualities You Need to Land Online Writing Jobs for Beginners

Passion for Writing

The most important thing you need to start your writing career is passion because you don’t have to write about the thing you like all the time. Love what you do and things will start unfolding one by one. Writing can be fun and very educative but they can sometimes get boring if you have to write topics you’ve never heard of.

Grammar and Research Skills

Perfect your grammar and research skills as this is what you need to produce a high-quality piece of writing. Even if you are writing for fun and not necessarily to earn, make it a habit of writing quality contents all the time. There are online tutorials for learning good writing skill that you can invest in. A smart tool like will save you tons of time and enable you to deliver a typo-free piece to your client.

Practice a lot

Strive to gain experience if you want to earn from writing. Start charging low rates to clients to gain experience while ensuring you provide quality at your level best. (Of course, you should raise your rates as you move up the experience ladder!) Keep practicing and learn more about what clients are looking for. Request a rating from your client so that you can measure your performance.

Work on Your Client Pitch

Finally, customize a cover letter that you will use to showcase your skills and pitch to a client. Build a work record from the pieces you have written before. Ensure you attach samples every time you send a proposal to support what you’ve written on your proposal. Clients want a proof that you can produce quality, not from mare explanations, but from what they can see.

Where to Find Entry-Level Freelance Writing Jobs

Having talked about the requirements to begin online writing, you are now looking on where to get freelance writing jobs for beginners so you can kick-start your writing career. Don’t go far because here is where the juice starts getting sweet!

Freelance writing is one of many ways you can begin your writing career. Freelancing refers to working remotely for someone else. Therefore freelance writing will involve getting writing jobs remotely, working on them anywhere and submitting your work on time. That sounds good, right?

Now, the trick here is where to find these jobs. There are so many ways you can find online writing jobs for beginners. Let have a look at some.

Content Mill Writing Jobs

Content mill jobs are ideal freelance writing jobs online for beginners since they are quick and easy to work on, but they pay very little. As a beginner, you should not really care about what you earn more than you care about getting somewhere with your writing career. So, this is not bad for you after all.

A content mill is a name that is given to website sites that provide freelance jobs from clients who want their jobs done remotely. The client posts a job and gives its description and writers bid for the work. The client must fund the account before posting a job them depending on the rate the content mill will pay the writer on completion of the task.

Almost all content mills will require the writer to use their platform to write and submit the work. Many people churn away from content mills once they gain enough experience as the pay is not good. If you are a beginner, this is the right place to begin. Here are examples of content mills:

  • Iwriter. Iwriter accepts new writers often. On registering you will be provided with a simple grammar test from which you will be allowed to open an account. Once you open an account, you will automatically be placed on a standard level. The jobs here pick and go jobs where you have a specific time to finish the task.
    You can only work on one item at a time. Upon submitting the client will review, and the payments will be released once the client reviews your work. Needless to say, Iwriter has very high work rejection rate and so you must provide top-notch contents.
  • Textbroker. You will be required to submit your writing samples. The sample is reviewed and you will be given a rating depending on the quality of your sample. The rating you have been given will determine the kind of job you can do with Textbroker. You can earn up to $0.05 per work on Textbroker.
  • Clearvoice. Clearvoice is a well-organized content mill that you can begin your working career with. You are required you to customize your CV portfolio so that you can start bidding. You can filter jobs depending on your skills and your preferred rates. This means you can start earning as you desire with Clearvoice.
  • Blogmutt. For you to work with blogmutt you must pass a mandatory English test. Once you’re on board you can work your way up as you consistently provide quality contents that are accepted by the client. Payments are made every Monday after you’ve submitted the invoice.

Freelance Marketplaces

You can find well-paying online writing jobs for beginners in a freelance marketplace. Although freelance marketplaces are similar to the content mill, the main difference is that in a freelance marketplace you can choose what to write and you can dictate your rate. The rates are quite competitive compared to content mill rates.

Clients on the freelance marketplace will place a job post. The writers will bid for the job depending on their expertise; the client will filter between the applications and chose their preferred writer. It is good to note that the secret to getting hired through the freelance marketplace is to provide a good profile.

Ensure you have filled your profile page 100% with the detailed information which will make a client want to hire you and not the other writer. Here are four freelance marketplaces you can find online jobs that pay well.

  • Upwork. Upwork is the best and most famous freelance marketplace for online jobs. To register on Upwork, you will have to give the skills you’re bringing on board. They critically scrutinize each application and depending on your skills you may be allowed to proceed.
  • Fiverr. Fiverr allows you to create and sell your gigs. Gigs are basically the skills you want to sell. You can create a gig by describing what you will offer and the cost. You can subdivide your skills by providing basic skills at a lower rate and then go to a more detailed use of the skill you are selling at a higher rate. Clients go through different gigs and contact you if he likes your offer.
  • Guru. Clients post their jobs just like on Upwork and you bid as per your skills. The client will then offer you the job if they like your proposal. The client indicates their budget that you get to choose if you’re willing to work under the budget. You can anytime with Guru as jobs are available 24/7.
  • Peopleperhour (PPH). PPH is a legit freelance marketplace where you are required to showcase your skills and experience in your profile. Browse the available job listing and finally, post a proposal where you will describe what you can offer the client at what rate.

Job Boards

Once you have gained substantial experience in writing, you can start looking for freelance writing jobs online for beginners on various job boards. Clients pay for advertising their job posts. Therefore your payments are made independently and not necessarily through the job board.

Fresh jobs are available other every day for beginners and as well as for veterans. You can’t miss a job for you if you are keen on job boards. Here are relevant job boards that you can find online writing jobs for beginners.

Blogging Pro. This is a common job board for blog writing, content writing and generally anything about blogging. The client will list his requirements. All you need to do is to apply for the job and wait for the client to contact you to start working. You can negotiate for payments with your clients before embarking on writing.

  • Freelance writing job board. This job board provides an opportunity for clients to post all sorts of freelance writing jobs. A freelance writing job board is a common job board where clients are likely to find qualified writers. It is updated daily with writing jobs for writers. You may apply for as many job posts as you can.
  • Problogger. Problogger is a reliable job board where the experienced freelance writer finds well-paid writing jobs. Fresh jobs are updated daily. You can register as a member and be getting daily alerts on jobs that need your skills.

Create Your Own Niche Website

Basically, these are places where you can find writing jobs for beginners. You will not be a beginner forever because you will gain experience and become an expert. By now you have identified your favorite niche. So, what next?

You need to create your own niche website, customize it and start posting informative contents on it. There are many advantages you will get by having your own website. Have people and friends know about it by launching a campaign.

You can post a link on your social media pages and have people like it by posting informative post. You can send sales pitch emails to your contacts or companies you researched on the internet. Don’t forget to include your contact page where people can reach you. This is the best way to get a direct client and earn good money.


This piece of writing must have changed your perception of online writing jobs for beginners by now. The ball is on your side now. Take action and follow the advice and you surely will be an expert in a few days. All you need is the will to carry on the good work described above.

Freelance writing is fulfilling because you can choose when to do the job. You can dictate your rates as you continue producing quality contents. If you want to outgrow online writing jobs for beginners you need to be disciplined, always deliver quality and work toward improving your skills. Learn new skills each day. Honesty is key to keeping a client. If you promise top-notch products, do as promised and deliver on time.

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