The Parasitic Single Women of Japan


“You’re already 25. You have to find a boyfriend and get married before it’s too late.” An 11-year-old Japanese boy told me during class as I was grading his homework. Internally fuming, externally cool and without a pause in my corrections, I said “ oh yeah? What do you know about marriage?” Now flustered, the…

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5 Ways To Find A Boyfriend In Japan


If you are a female English teacher in Japan or in other parts of Asia, you may find that the dating situation here is a bit different than back home. However, different doesn’t have to be a bad thing and dating in general here can be an interesting experience. Before even entertaining the thought of…

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The Five Hardest Languages To Learn For English Speakers


Ok, so I understand that this a blog dedicated to giving advice about teaching abroad. But as a person that lived abroad for a while and has traveled extensively, I can tell you that a significant part of being overseas is acquiring new language skills. Whether you try to resist or embrace learning a new…

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5 Reasons To Study In Chicago


I have come across thousands of ESL students in the United States and many of them are usually eager to tell me the places they have visited or the cities where they plan to study. Most of the time, I encounter students heading to San Francisco, San Diego,  New York, Washington DC or Los Angeles.…

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How Much Does It Cost To Study English In The US?


When I am traveling in other parts of the world, young professionals   sometimes ask me,”How much does it cost to study English in the United States?” This is an important question since the best way to study English or any language is in the country where it is spoken. It shouldn’t come as a…

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