Career in Kenya

How To Start An Online Business In Kenya


Starting an online business in Kenya is pretty easy. The technology available makes everything a no-brainer for the average young man willing to take this route. In fact, countless number of Kenyans make money online every single day. You can read the story of Lucy Atieno, the online tutor who lecture students through a virtual…

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Find Online Jobs in Kenya (that Pay Through Mpesa)


Online jobs in Kenya are a lucrative way to make money from home and support your income. Find a list with legit online jobs here, that pay through Mpesa and learn, how to seize these great opportunities and to avoid scams. Why is Payment through Mpesa So Popular? Online jobs in Kenya that pay through…

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The 7 Best & Most Marketable Courses in Kenya


In the world today, education has continued to be valued by everybody. Parents are investing heavily in educating their children for a good part of their lives. Technology advancement has contributed to increased demand for education all over the world. It becomes difficult to cope up with normal activities without basic education. Some of emerging…

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The 9 Most Popular Advertising Agencies To Work For In Kenya


[no_toc]It’s no secret that the advertising landscape has changed a lot in Kenya. In recent years, we have seen creative adverts that have become a household name. Take Zark or Airtel Tubonge adverts, you’ll think that they came out of the thin air. What you may not know is that there are companies responsible for…

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